Comments on “Looking at Asia before his eyes, a Myanmar man questions near the G7 venue” [in Japanese]

On May 19, 2023, Asahi Shimbun introduced a comment by Professor Maiko Ichihara at the Graduate School of Law. She commented on the article “Looking at Asia before his eyes, a Myanmar man questions near the G7 venue.” This article describes the demonstration held by approximately 50 Myanmar residents in Japan and Japanese nationals, which took place a few days before the G7 Summit. The demonstration urged the Japanese government to take leadership for peacebuilding in Asia. Professor Ichihara acknowledged that there is discretion for the host country in setting the agenda for G7 discussions. Therefore, she recognized it as natural for Japan, the host country of the G7 Summit, to address the North Korean issue. However, she mentioned that the lack of substantial discussion on the ongoing issues in Myanmar could be attributed to them not falling within the predetermined areas of interest for Europe and the United States, rather than Japan’s own agenda setting. She also called for a discussion on the situation in Myanmar from various perspectives, including human rights, development, and other relevant aspects.