• Global Risk and Crisis Management Program
    Under Construction
  • Democracy and Human Rights Program
    As we enter the 21st century, the norms and institutions of democracy and human rights are being subjected to various challenges from within and outside states, and democracy is in a crisis worldwide. The program aims to promote a deeper understanding of the current state of the liberal international order through research on the global situation of democratic and human rights norms and institutions, and to make policy proposals that contribute to the maintenance of the liberal international order. It will also train young people to conduct research and defend liberal values.
  • Legal Innovation Program
    Our society is undergoing major changes through expansion of global data protection, promotion of AI utilization, and introduction of diverse work styles. This program aims to conduct research that goes beyond the conventional legal framework of national law and court systems to create novel law studies in the era of drastic changes, and implement them into society through joint research and policy proposals, forming a global central hub that connects various stakeholders. The program also develops legal professionals in emerging fields such as the governance of data and AI.