Comment for “Xi’s “Peace and Dialogue” with Zelensky, Foreshadowed Summit Meeting” [in Japanese]

On April 27, 2023, Asahi Shimbun introduced a comment by Professor Maiko Ichihara, GGR researcher and professor of the Graduate School of Law at Hitotsubashi University. The professor commented on the article “Xi’s “Peace and Dialogue” with Zelensky, Foreshadowed Summit Meeting.” This article outlines the first audio conference after the Russian invasion between Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Zelensky and the significance of Xi’s statement. Professor Ichihara pointed out that President Xi Jinping’s consistent emphasis that China stands on the side of peace and plays a role in promoting peace is only an ostensible position. As a reason, the professor cited China’s continued support for Russia by sending out anti-US and anti-NATO messages and spreading disinformation and propaganda. Therefore, Professor Ichihara said, it is an illusion and cannot be expected that China will be a truly neutral mediator.