Reading U.S.-China Relations from the Perspective of Diplomatic History [in Japanese]
DateApril 20, 2022
BibliographyGGR Working Paper No.1
AuthorISHIZUKA Hideki
Summary When looking at the U.S.-China relationship objectively over a long-term span, various factors other than the "confrontational" aspect that is generally focused on can be identified. This paper attaches importance to the careful reading of relevant diplomatic statements and documents to understand the U.S.-China relationship as it really is. What are the "core interests" of both the U.S. and China as seen in the official statements and documents? What are the biases that cloud our view over the U.S.-China relationship? And what was the historic nature of the modern U.S.-China relationship prior to Japan-China relations? This paper provides answers to these questions based on historical facts and documents, including the “China White Paper 1949” issued by the U.S. State Department, which the paper identifies as an important key to understand the traditional standpoint of U.S. policy on China.
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