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Democracy and Human Rights Program

Democracy: the end of an era? [in Spanish]

AuthorHANNIG, Sascha
DateApr. 6, 2021

AbstractThe op-ed describes the overall situation of democracy in the world and how this is reflected in the Chilean case.

The duty to seek a preliminary ruling and the right of access to the court [in Japanese]

AuthorNAKANISHI Yumiko

AbstractCase note “BVerfG, Beschluss des Zweiten Senats vom 19. Dezember 2017, 2 BvR 424/17”(Case note, 2 BvR 424/17 of the German Constitutional Court). The case in question is concerned with the right to a fair trial by a judge as stated in the Article 101(1)(b) of the German Basic Law (Constitution). The analyzed issue details a problem found in the German Federal Fiscal Court, which had not asked the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling .

Legal Innovation Program

Making the National Archives from the Perspective of Future Users [in Japanese]

AuthorINOUE Yuriko

AbstractThe National Archives will need to be constantly reviewed from the perspective of the diverse users of the future.

Legal Innovation Program

Special Libraries and Copyright Latest Trends 2021 [in Japanese]

AuthorIKEGAI Naoto

AbstractThe article explains the revision of Article 31 of the Copyright Acts.

Global Risk and Crisis Management Program

Arms Control Dialogue is Japan’s Interest: An Agenda for a New Nuclear Posture Review

AuthorAKIYAMA Nobumasa
DateDec. 2021

AbstractThe author argues that it is unlikely that a No First Use (NFU) declaration policy from the US will lead to disarmament in Northeast Asia. He rather proposes that “Force asymmetries, (…) and the pursuit of a deterrent architecture based on entanglement between nuclear, conventional, cyber, and space domains, as well as the rise of emerging technologies that influence the modality of strategic stability, will have a significant impact on deterrence and arms control.”

Legal Innovation Program

More Japanese companies disclose tax bills by country

DateJan. 20, 2022

AbstractProfessor Masao Yoshimura is interviewed on the issue of Japanese companies’ tax payment disclosure and the increasing need for more transparency regarding their operations abroad.