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Analyzing Chinese State Media’s Presence on Spanish-speaking YouTube
DateFebruary 16, 2024
Summary On February 16, 2024, Freedom House published an article authored by Sascha Hannig Nuñez, a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Law, entitled "Analyzing Chinese State Media’s Presence on Spanish-speaking YouTube." In this paper, Ms. Hannig examines the presence, reach, narratives, and strategies of the Chinese Media Group's (CMG) Spanish-language programs on YouTube, using methodologies including content analysis, based on over 14,000 online videos published since 2016, amid the global expansion of Chinese state media. Through a comparative study of videos released by China Global Television Network (CGTN), Xinhua enespañol, and Hola China, she concludes that their reach and influence are limited. She also notes various strategies such as narrowing down themes, targeting specific audiences, and amplifying narratives of other governments. However, she points out a common emphasis on producing a large amount of content to attract viewers' interest, increase followers, and subtly assert political perspectives.