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“Hong Kong as an Ambiguous ‘Border'” [in Japanese]
DateFebruary 15, 2024
AuthorMaiko Ichihara
Summary On February 15, 2024, an article authored by Professor Maiko Ichihara of the Graduate School of Law, "Hong Kong as an Ambiguous 'Border'" was published in the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun. In this article, Professor Ichihara discusses the legal and political challenges facing Hong Kong due to its unique status, using the example of the extradition of pro-democracy activists. She mentions that even after the handover of Hong Kong, Hong Kong residents, who enjoy easy access to the outside world, have been resisting the increased repression by the Hong Kong government under the influence of the Chinese Communist Party, with the 2019 anti-government protests being a symbolic example. She also points out that to suppress the growing anti-government voices, the Chinese Communist Party has expanded the spread of disinformation overseas. Furthermore, Professor Ichihara expresses concern about the Hong Kong government's preparation to enact a new national security law, highlighting the Chinese Communist Party's efforts to expand its influence overseas through Hong Kong's ambiguous border.