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The Dangers of TikTok, a Pending Debate in Latin America [in Spanish]
DateFebruary 14, 2024
Summary On February 14, 2024, La Tercera published an article authored by Ms. Sascha Hannig Nuñez, a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Law, entitled “The Dangers of TikTok, a Pending Debate in Latin America.” In this article, Ms. Hannig discusses that while India, the United States, New Zealand, and dozens of other countries have restricted the use of TikTok in their countries, TikTok has become very popular in Latin America. The problems it could pose to Latin American societies in the future and the measures that will be required to combat them are analyzed in this article. She first cites three main reasons for the worldwide restrictions on TikTok usage: the Chinese Communist Party's establishment of legal frameworks to utilize TikTok as a defense mechanism; doubts about whether the company adequately manages the content promoted or restricted on TikTok; and concerns regarding the number of underage users on TikTok. In conclusion, Ms. Hannig notes that discussions about regulating TikTok in Latin America are currently limited. However, she emphasizes the need for comprehensive discussions that take into account data protection and the geopolitical shifts each country faces.