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Institutional Considerations on the Authority to Investigate and Verify in the Global Health Regime [in Japanese]
DateNovember, 25, 2023
AuthorAKIYAMA Nobumasa
Summary On November 25, 2023, an article by Professor Nobumasa Akiyama of the Graduate School of Law, entitled "Institutional Considerations on the Authority to Investigate and Verify in the Global Health Regime" was published in International Politics, No. 211, "International Politics on Health." The article analyzes the factors that ensure the value and normative effectiveness of the international regime during an infectious disease pandemic crisis that is almost a threat to national security, where national sovereignty comes to the forefront. Professor Akiyama first discusses the cases of the Additional Protocol to the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the challenge inspections of the Chemical Weapons Convention, summarizing the factors that make it possible to implement systems that constrain national sovereignty: technical feasibility, social demand, the political environment, and the institutional and political availability of discretion by sovereign states. Then, from the perspective of the relationship between states and the World Health Organization, he discusses the institutional issues surrounding the revision of the International Health Regulations and information sharing and reporting during a pandemic. Finally, Professor Akiyama makes recommendations on the required role of international organizations and measures to overcome the conflict of national sovereignty to improve the effectiveness of infectious disease control through the international regime in the field of public health.