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Japan and South Korea should also support Refugees in Asia [in Japanese]
DateAugust 6, 2023
BibliographyShinano Mainichi Shimbun
AuthorICHIHARA Maiko
Summary On August 6, 2023, The Shinano Mainichi Shimbun published an article authored by Professor Maiko Ichihara of the Graduate School of Law, titled " Japan and South Korea should also support Refugees in Asia." The article outlines the stance that Japan and South Korea should take in response to the large number of refugees in Asia, comparable to or even exceeding that in Ukraine. Professor Ichihara first explains the number of refugees equal to or surpassing that of Ukraine in Afghanistan and Syria, and subsequently analyzes why these occurrences remain underreported. The professor highlights the difference in clarity between the situation of sovereignty violation depicted in the Ukrainian invasion, and the seemingly sovereignty-unrelated emergence of refugees stemming from internal political situations in the other two countries. Furthermore, the article argues that the distinction between good and evil is sharply delineated in the context of Ukraine, whereas in other cases, the challenge lies in framing actions within a good-versus-evil paradigm. Lastly, Professor Ichihara emphasizes the imperative for collaboration and support in terms of objective and reputable humanitarian aid within Asia, urging the governments of Japan and South Korea to contribute to refugee assistance efforts.