Democracy and Human Rights Program
Trans-National Influence Operations and their Impact on Human Rights in Asia
DateJune 28, 2023
BibliographyGlobal Asia
AuthorICHIHARA Maiko
Summary On June 28, 2023, Global Asia published a paper by Maiko Ichihara, Professor at the Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University, titled "Trans-National Influence Operations and their Impact on Human Rights in Asia." This paper explains the structure and impact of transnational influence operations by authoritarian states, particularly China's manipulation efforts targeting Asian countries. Professor Ichihara noted that Asia is most affected by China's influence operations. In addition, she describes how authoritarian states exploit economic inequalities, political divisions, and citizens' behavioral tendencies through their influence operations. Furthermore, Professor Ichihara argued that influence operations targeting human rights serve the purpose of concealing human rights issues and political instability within authoritarian states. Lastly, Professor Ichihara emphasized the need for advanced research, fact-checking, and counter-narratives as countermeasures against influence operations.