Human rights and environmental due diligence in the European Union [in Japanese]
DateMay 2023
AuthorNAKANISHI Yumiko
Summary In May 2023, Josuikaikaiho published a summary of the lecture by Yumiko Nakanishi, Professor at the Graduate School of Law, titled "Human Rights and environmental due diligence in the European Union." The lecture explained the measures taken by the European Unioin (EU) and the role of businesses and society regarding environmental protection and respect for human rights. Professor Nakanishi provided an overview of the EU's adoption of action plans, documents for the steady implementation of environmental and human rights initiatives, and laws that impose legal obligations on member states. She also mentioned mechanisms to ensure compliance with established laws by businesses and highlighted how NGOs and citizens are initiating lawsuits against countries. Professor Nakanishi emphasized that consumers and investors are responsible for human rights and environmental protection and must act with the future generation in mind.