Democracy and Human Rights Program
【GGR Intensive Seminar】Countering Disinformation and Protecting Democracy
DateSeptember 4-7, 2023
PlaceHitotsubashi University Kunitachi Campus
Event Outline

Social networking sites have been overflowing with disinformation in recent years, and it is no longer easy to identify the truth. Disinformation is also fueling conflicts and shaking up democratic society itself. How can we protect our society from disinformation? This intensive seminar invites leading experts in the field of countermeasures against disinformation from Japan and abroad to provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the current state of disinformation, methods of analysis and countermeasures, and to experience first-hand countermeasures against disinformation themselves.

Target participants: University students from all over Japan (any nationality is welcome)
Dates: September 4-7, 2023
Location: Hitotsubashi University Kunitachi Campus
Participation fee: Free
Financial support: Financial support for a round-trip travel and accommodation will be provided
(Support for accommodation will be provided only if you participate from remote areas. Hitotsubashi students do not receive financial support.)
Language: English (Japanese interpretation available)
Number of participants selected: 16 people
How to apply: Fill out the “GGR Intensive Seminar Application Form” and send it to
Deadline: Sunday, August 6, 2023


The result of the selection will be announced around August 13. This seminar provides you with a golden opportunity to learn disinformation professionally and proactively. We look forward to the active participation of those who are interested in the topics of disinformation and democracy, who wish to become active defenders of democracy and human rights, who are interested to become fact-checkers, and who wish to gain experience in these fields.

Institute for Global Governance Research, Hitotsubashi University