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Chinese Technology, Opportunity or Crisis? [in Spanish]
DateMay 13, 2023
BibliographyLA NACION
Summary On May 13, 2023, GGR assistant a­nd Chilean international analyst Sascha Hannig Nuñez published an article titled “Chinese Technology, Opportunity or Crisis?(in Spanish)” in the Argentine daily La Nacion. Referring to examples from other regions, Hannig Nuñez discussed the collaboration bet­ween countries in the Latin American region a­nd Chinese tech corporations. First, it was noted that one of the distinguishing characteristics of Chinese companies is that they are obligated to provide the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)with the information they collect, whether it was collected inside or outside of China. She explained that doubts about the information security aspect have led to a series of cases in which Huawei a­nd ZTE have been banned from national networks by a number of countries such as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, a­nd Japan. On the other hand, she argued that discussions on which country’s products should be introduced are ongoing in the Latin American region. Given that Chinese companies have strength in price a­nd service a­nd that the CCP has grown its influence in the region, the possibility of cooperation bet­ween Chinese companies a­nd regional governments is not insignificant. She emphasized the need for discussions at the regional framework level, pointing out that decisions associated with the entry of Chinese tech companies made in a single country affect the entire region.