Perspectives on Chinese Law – What is “Chinese-style rule of law”? [in Japanese]
DateFebruary, 2023
BibliographyJapan Society of Comparative Law
AuthorTAJIMI Makoto
Summary In February 2023, Professor Makoto Tajimi, GGR researcher a­nd a professor at the Graduate School of Law of Hitotsubashi University, published an article entitled “From the Perspective of Chinese Law: What is ‘Chinese-Style Rule of Law’?” (in Japanese) in Volume 83 of the journal of Japan Society of Comparative Law. Professor Tajimi defined the Hong Kong national security law as the "Chineseization of Hong Kong" a­nd discussed the Chinese-style rule of law (中国式法治) a­nd the Chinese-style democracy (中国式民主). Professor explained that the rule of law is placed under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) a­nd aims to realize CCP's policy objectives. In addition, the Professor argued that Chinese democracy emphasizes unification a­nd solidarity, a­nd democracy a­nd the party is positioned as integrated parts with one another. Professor Tajimi stated that the rule of law a­nd democracy of the Chinese style are considerably different from those liberal democracy assumes. The Professor also pointed out that occurrences such as the concentration of power in the "new era" after the inauguration of Xi Jinping a­nd the recent zero-corona policy do not indicate a change in the abovementioned concepts. Rather, the Professor argued, they are proof that the Chinese-style rule of law under the leadership of the CCP a­nd the Chinese style of democracy, which aims to promote the interests of the whole under the CCP, are being strengthened a­nd carried through.