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Bringing the Benefits of Democracy into the Discussion [In Japanese]
DateMarch 12, 2023
BibliographyShinano Mainichi Shimbun
AuthorMaiko ICHIHARA
Summary On March 12, 2023, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun published the article “Bringing the Benefits of Democracy into the Discussion,” by Professor Maiko Ichihara. The professor begins by bringing up the Summit for Democracy, which is to be held in late March, a­nd states that much has changed since the first summit was held in 2021. For example, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a­nd China’s strict COVID-19 policies have enhanced the attractiveness of democracies by highlighting the problems that authoritarian governments face. On the other hand, the cooperative approach taken by the democratic countries towards Russia a­nd China has strengthened the association of democracy with negative images such as interstate conflicts a­nd wars. The professor expressed her concern over this association between security issues a­nd democracy a­nd argued that in order to protect liberal a­nd democratic values, discussions regarding the positive effects that democracy has on the lives of individuals are necessary.