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What is Needed for a Trustworthy, Persuasive, and Universal Human Rights Diplomacy? [In Japanese]
DateFebruary 1, 2023
BibliographyAsahi Shimbun
AuthorMaiko ICHIHARA
Summary On February 1, 2023, Asahi Shimbun published an article by Dr. Maiko Ichihara, GGR researcher and professor of the Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Law. To begin with, the professor expressed her concern about the undermining of liberal values centered on human rights in recent years and explained the issues related to human rights occurring worldwide. She also addressed Japan’s embarkation on human rights diplomacy under the Kishida administration, stating that although these efforts should be praised to a certain extent, they should not be treated as a tool of the LDP’s conservative faction. Finally, Professor Ichihara emphasized that in order to promote human rights diplomacy, Japan needs to enhance its efforts in respecting human rights within the country as well.