Review of European Law No. 12 [In Japanese]
DateSeptember 29, 2022
BibliographyReview of European Law No. 12 
AuthorYumiko NAKANISHI
Summary In September 2022, the latest issue of Review of European Law, edited by Dr. Yumiko Nakanishi, professor of the Graduate School of Law and GGR researcher at Hitotsubashi University, was published. This latest issue includes a special feature entitled "COVID-19 and the Law," in which a variety of issues are discussed, from the latest developments in EU law concerning the COVID-19 pandemic to the emergency approval of vaccines as well as constitutional law, company law, and more. In addition, this latest issue has been further enhanced by including a discussion paper on renewable energy in the Latest Developments section. Furthermore, Professor Ikuko Sato, also a visiting researcher at GGR, contributed to the journal as well by writing an article on the EU Repatriation Directive.