Global Risk and Crisis Management Program
Japan’s Dilemma: Relying on Nuclear Deterrence while Advocating Nuclear Abolition [in Japanese]
DateSeptember 17, 2022
BibliographyMainichi Shimbun
Summary With the use of nuclear weapons by Russia becoming increasingly realistic, Professor Nobumasa Akiyama explained the use of nuclear weapons from a legal perspective and suggested what kinds of actions Japan should take toward nuclear disarmament and abolition. Regarding Russia's words and actions over nuclear weapons in the Russo-Ukrainian War, Professor Akiyama noted that while the use of nuclear weapons itself is not legally prohibited, Russia's actions have reinforced both the calls for nuclear deterrence and nuclear abolition. He also argued that it is important for Japan, which will host the G7 summit next May, to provide a forum for discussing nuclear weapons in order to build a world that does not depend on nuclear weapons. Moreover, the professor said that Japan should make accession to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons its ultimate goal, however, it is necessary to work carefully and steadily to establish Northeast Asia as a nuclear-free region. Finally, in light of the developments among nations at the NPT Review Conference held in late August, he reiterated the significance of an international conference where all states can come together to discuss nuclear abolition.