TBS Hôudôu 1930: Approval ratings already headed towards the danger zone… President Yoon’s predicament…What is going on inside the administration?

On July 27, 2022, TBS broadcast a special feature on plummeting approval ratings of South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol on their news program Hôudôu 1930, and Associate Professor Kwon Yongseok appeared as a guest speaker. Despite it having been only two and a half months since Yoon took office as the new president of South Korea, his approval rating is on the verge of falling below 30%, which is considered the danger zone. Professor Kwon discussed the reasons behind the instability of the Yoon administration, referring to the narrow margins of the May election as well as Yoon’s post-election stance on civilian affairs. He also explained what the term “Republic of Prosecutors” means and what measures need to be taken to deal with it. Professor Kwon stated that this is one of the reasons for Yoon’s low approval ratings along with the developments behind the ousting of the ruling party’s young party leader. In terms of the relationship between Japan and South Korea, the conscripted workers problem was discussed, and Professor Kwon expressed his opinion on the future of the two neighboring countries.