The End of Nuclear Oblivion in the Ukrainian War

Professor Nobumasa Akiyama appeared on a talk series produced by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation entitled “The End of Nuclear Oblivion in the Ukrainian War” which was released on April 28. Three years have passed since the publication of the book that Professor Akiyama co-wrote-“The End of Nuclear Oblivion: The Era of Nuclear Weapons Restoration”, which was released in 2019. In the book, the issue of nuclear weapons, which went from “unused”, “unusable” weapons to “usable” weapons due to the nuclear strategies of Russia and China, was discussed. That issue has become more realistic than ever as a result of the Ukrainian War. Professor Akiyama was joined by other professors who specialize in arms control and nuclear strategy as they discussed the increased nuclear threat posed by the war in Ukraine. In this first episode released on April 28, the professors talked about how Russia and the United States perceive the threat of nuclear weapons in the war and what deterrence and arms control aim to achieve.